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Methyl-cellulose (Cellulose Binder)

Natural Binder & Thickening Agent, white powder

Origin: ITALY

Methylcellulose is a water retaining adjuvant, that can be used as a thickening agent for milk paints and as a natural binder for gouaches and pastels.  Made from wood cellulose, Methylcellulose  dissolves easily in cold water and hardens in warm water.

Methylcellulose prevents paint pigments from settling, and improves smoothness, consistency and adherence of milk paint.

Methylcellulose can also used in the preparation of glues and lime based grouts, coatings and stuccos by enhancing their hardening properties thus protecting them from excessive dryness.



As an additive for milk paint : Add 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 teaspoon of Methyl-cellulose to 170 g of  powder milk paint preparation before diluting in water. Do not use hot water for the preparation of the paint.

As a binder in coating, paints or gouaches : Mix 15 to 30 g of Methyl-cellulose in 1 liter of water.



Methyl-cellulose (Cellulose Binder)

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