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Gum Arabic - Gomme Arabique

Gum arabic is a powder used to make glues and paints. Gum Arabic is used often to create decorative cracks under milk or acrylic paints. Gum arabic can be used in tempera recipes, it is a good thickener for gouaches and a fixative for greasy or lean pastels. Its use dates back to ancient Egypt. Arabic gum is secreted by the acacia tree that grows in Arabia and Africa. Colorare's Gum Arabic powder is very easy to dissolve in hot / warm water.

Composition: Gum arabic is a neutral or slightly acidic natural product containing calcium, magnesium and potassium.

How to Use Gum Arabic:

Ensure that the surface to crack is dry and dust free. Mix 1 part of Gum Arabic with 1 part of warm water. Mix well until a golden liquid is obtained. Let the mixture rest for 30 to 60 minutes before application. For a 100% translucent mixture wait 24 hours. Using a paintbrush, apply the Gum Arabic before the last coat of paint to make it crack.

Gum arabic dissolves easily in warm water, it can be used on its own, to achieve a medium to crack by mixing an equal part of gum arabic for a portion of hot water.

This cracking medium can be used with milk paints, fusion paints, or any acrylic paint. You can also add an equal portion fish glue to the gum arabic (pre-dissolved in water), so it will dry less quickly and act as a preservative.

Additional Information:

VOCs: 0g/L

Dilution: Water

Appearance: Whitish Powder

Storage: Store in a cool dry area, away from frost and excessive heat. 

Cleaning: use soap and water

For more information please see the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Gum Arabic - Gomme Arabique

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