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Abranet Mesh Grip Discs 125mmx6mm (Circular)

Circular sanding discs to be used on the Circular shaped hand sanding tool for sanding down surfaces.

These Abranet sanding discs have a longer lifespan than traditional sanding tools and materials. This product reduces the amount of dust created from sanding through thousands of holes across the surface. After use, surface and area should be vacuumed. This product creates a smoother finish on the surface after sanding. Works well on painted surfaces, composite surfaces, wood surfaces and a variety of coatings.

These discs are designed to be used with the Circular Sanding tool sold by Color-Rare.

Diameter 125mm x Height 6mm (Diameter 5 1/2")

Grit: The discs come in 80, 120, 180, 240, 400 or 600.

Quantity: Available in packages of 10 discs.



Abranet Mesh Grip Discs 125mmx6mm (Circular)

from $12.95 CAD